Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little Italy in London

Ok. If you are not exactly a red meat lover and have hard time smelling pork stuff, let alone tasting it, London can be a tough city to fill your tummy up. Thank God London has its own Italian town just like any other city, and cute little (these are little for good) Italian restaurants with some real delicious mediterranean flavors. Visit the Old Compton Street at Soho to indulge in yummy caprese and lasagna whenever you get fed up with fish&chips and sausages with mash. Our favorite is La Porchetta. Beware though. My advice: think twice before you decide to grab your after meal drinks at the pubs right across the street. At least if you claim to stay 'straight' I mean.

They don't look so, but both were yummy. They also called my dish soup, which made me laugh.LONDON - 053

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