Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lamb & Flag

Regardless of how many urban city guides, travel maps, tourist books, shopping lists you gather before visiting a city like London; most of what you end up doing is a result of your own walkabout on foot. Then again, every once in a while sources like Time Out do help out. Without it, we probably would've never found Lamb & Flag in its miraculously well hidden little spot at Covent Garden. It's a very old, cozy historic English pub where the moment you step in, being there immediately feels like a ritualistic experience (although it's most probably your first time there). Inside you'll become the part of one of the most hybrid crowds you can eve encounter in a pub scene; with 70 year old grandma's clapping hands after a live performance along with 17 year olds at the back drinking tequila and eating potato chips. Yes, there's an orchestra.

LONDON - 175
LONDON - 176

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