Saturday, March 6, 2010

National Gallery @ Trafalgar Square

See this place. Many recommend it. Preferably on a day when you haven't just already taken 4 floor Tate Modern material. The two are not to be digested in one 24 hr period and I am saying from experience.

LONDON - 430

Shakespeare's Globe

Right next to Tate Modern, you'll see Shakespeare's Globe. It's a theater house in which you'll find plenty of material about the famous English playwright, including performances of his plays as well as education sessions for those who are that much into Shakespeare. You can also tour shortly, and see what exhibitions they have, if Tate has not filled up your daily dosage of culture and art.

Friday, March 5, 2010

From Tate Modern

I might have been one of London's most unorthodox visitors by means of engaging in the city's touristic attractions. All touristic material I ended up having was the one picture with Big Ben and London Eye in far background - which is at least as blurry as the rainy London whether at night. (Even more, it seems like I've been photo-montaged there, and the sucking photo quality doesn't help a bit)

Then again, one thing is not to be missed: Tate Modern. Taking pictures inside is forbidden, so in all my respect for and appreciation of modern art, I will refrain from revealing my secret stash.

Must be seen for yourself.

On the way to Tate; the Millenium Bridge
LONDON - 375

LONDON - 389

LONDON - 398

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thames and beyond

If you spend 5 days in London and 4th is the first day you get to see Thames, Big Ben, London Eye and the Tower Bridge; you aren't exactly the best tourist in town. So don't get yourself nominated for the worst; and manage to get your butt there. The night view is even better.

Still, from personal opinion, I would suggest that the following are a bit on the redundant side if you are tight on time:
  - touring the Houses of Parliament
  - visiting the Buckingham Palace
  - riding on the London Eye
  - climbing the Tower of London

As long as you insert enough distance, you can put pretty much all of them in one pic, anyway :)

LONDON - 329

LONDON - 326

The Tube

If London is to have one and only one symbol, it's gotta be the tube. It's probably one of the most democratic city transport vehicles you can see. It could also be one of the most democratic spaces worldwide too. High street fashion idols and victims, traveling shoulder to shoulder and minding the gap.

LONDON - 187
LONDON - 312

Shops @ King's Cross

The worst (or best, point-of-view-wise) part of discovering London is having to complete most of your shopping AND cultural activity before the clocks hit 5 pm. For that matter, a second visit was paid to King's Road the following day to browse the shops upstairs. Below is a representative pic. If you want all sorts of (not-crappy, fair material) graphic tee's crammed together in a 80 m2 space, this is the place to be.

Belgo @ Covent Garden

It's tough to pick Belgo as a lunchbreak spot unless recommended by someone else - and someone with a bit peculiar sense of taste, to be more precise. Belgo Centraal, situated right int the center of Covent Garden can be the place to catch back your breath after emptying your pockets at the neighboring Urban Outfitters. Besides your breath, my suggestion would be to try catch the mussels in pot which the Belgian restaurant is famous for. But keep in mind that if you are near starvation, mussels won't exactly be enough, although you do get served a bowl of home-fried-looking potato chips as side dish. And if that's still not enough to curb your appetite, you can always wrap it up with the finger-licking waffles, cheesecakes and ice cream made with that goregous Belgian chocolate. God, I am literally drooling in here! (Plus! Like many other nice restaurants in town, Belgo also has good deals at lunch hours.)

LONDON - 241

LONDON - 242

LONDON - 248

LONDON - 250

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Pay a visit to Selfridges. No, it's no big deal, and unless you are ready to spend all your vacation budget on a single shoe in the women's department, you'll get tired of browsing around before you know it. Trust me, you are a big performer if you end up sorting the place even half-way through... Quarter way. Make sure you drop by the confectionary and bakery section though. It's a sweet-tooth paradise. Just savor every single moment of the ride, eventhough all you wind up doing is take pictures.
LONDON - 288

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Regent Street

Regent Street is pretty much about this. Magnificence.

The Lazy Oaf

The sweetest of all street shops I've been in London. And trust me, I've been in plenty. Here.

LONDON - 271

Monday, March 1, 2010

Kingly Court

Take the first or second left from Carnaby and you'll have Kingly Court. Although there are street signs along the road, you'll probably end up missing it unless you are deliberately looking for it. (I was pursuing The Lazy Oaf in here which is how I made sure I got here). The passage bewildered us with its sweet atmosphere. Tens of interesting stores; mainly vintage boutiques and useless but sweet for browsing stuff all over the place.

The Lomography store @ Carnaby

It's all about that lomo lens!

Carnaby Street

Another popular shopping district, Covent Garden's sister (to me) just a little further up. Planning a London trip, and you've probably heard it mentioned a dozen times anyway.