Thursday, March 4, 2010

Belgo @ Covent Garden

It's tough to pick Belgo as a lunchbreak spot unless recommended by someone else - and someone with a bit peculiar sense of taste, to be more precise. Belgo Centraal, situated right int the center of Covent Garden can be the place to catch back your breath after emptying your pockets at the neighboring Urban Outfitters. Besides your breath, my suggestion would be to try catch the mussels in pot which the Belgian restaurant is famous for. But keep in mind that if you are near starvation, mussels won't exactly be enough, although you do get served a bowl of home-fried-looking potato chips as side dish. And if that's still not enough to curb your appetite, you can always wrap it up with the finger-licking waffles, cheesecakes and ice cream made with that goregous Belgian chocolate. God, I am literally drooling in here! (Plus! Like many other nice restaurants in town, Belgo also has good deals at lunch hours.)

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